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We should always take our pain to the Lord.

Have you ever seen a person who had so much pain in their heart that they were grasping for whatever help they could find and they said some things they shouldn’t have? They just wanted the pain to stop.

More than likely, the people who love them understood and tried to help them. They knew how that kind of pain can dull a person’s ability to make rational and appropriate choices and words. They knew this wasn’t a reflection of a hard heart; this was a reflection of a hurting heart.

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Later, when the pain lessened from the passage of time or the situation that caused it was resolved, it should have been better but it wasn’t, because not everyone loved the person in pain and not everyone understood. Some people judged and held resentment, spread gossip, and blamed the very person who was hurting in the first place.

What is the answer is in this situation?

Is it to be distrustful even of those who seem to care? Should we lock ourselves in a closet when we are distraught so we won’t say anything that is inappropriate or others can’t handle? What happens when the after-effects of this weakness seem to linger far longer than the unfortunate event that caused them, even after the necessary amends have been made, and the person now sees things from a higher perspective, but is unable to move forward as if being held back by invisible hands of condemnation?

Sometimes it’s not invisible.  It shows: on their faces, in their eyes, disapproving looks, intentional disregard and rejection.

It shouldn’t be so.

The answer is…

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Not everyone has the ability to empathize, comfort, and overlook an offense. It’s okay because that’s between them and God.  But it’s a sad day when unbelievers love people better than believers do.  That’s a hard-core reality to accept at times.  Not all the time  Just sometimes.

The answer is…

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Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.  Colossians 3:12-14

May I do Thy Will always.




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When I see an exclamation point, I think of my Grandma Ferne who used them freely in her letter writing. Many sentences, even the mundane (sorry, Grandma) were punctuated with three or four exclamation points. She must have been excited telling about her life. The thing is, Grandma was not a very expressive person in real-time, and I can’t imagine her life being all that exciting in her later years.

Grandma kept diaries of her daily activities for over 40 years, and when she died in 1999 those diaries were found and a company was hired to transfer them onto CDs to distribute to the family. What a thrill to see notations made when I was a baby, or to have memories jogged of times long ago. She used exclamation points freely in her diaries but sometimes she did not. Those must have been her ‘period’ days.

Grandma wrote about being tired a LOT. She was a lunch lady and I, being a lunch lady too, in addition to working in our custom framing business, can empathize and feel her pain!!!! It’s a very physical, non-stop job where being on your feet all day is required.

I like exclamation point days. They add excitement and enthusiasm to life!!!! They are usually happy days, filled with good things, funny experiences, and happenings. Sometimes an exclamation point is used to convey urgency and you had better heed the warning. Occasionally, an exclamation point is used to stress negative emotions or experiences but somehow, using it means the bad part is over and there is a sense of relief.

Like all good or bad things, a steady diet of either one can cause complacency so both kinds of days are there for a reason. I’m having a ‘period’ week now for reasons I can’t disclose. Stress is coming from several directions, and a cloudy, rainy, cold day tops it all off. The thing is, I know exclamation point days will be here again. It’s God’s promise, and He never breaks His promise!!!!!

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