Oh, boy.

Instead of a trip, we decided to welcome a new puppy into the household in honor of our upcoming 25th anniversary. Nothing says celebratory relaxation like a baby dog, right? He’s an adorable, 6 pound, eight week old bundle of unrelenting day time energy.

I forgot what it was like to have such innocent, oblivious, curiousness at my feet. Dandy is a literal ankle-biter with needle teeth. He slides, tumbles, chases toys, and chews anything within his reach. We baby proofed the house, and still, Dandy will find the dust bunny behind the desk, the plant branch that hangs just within his reach, and the electrical cord you thought he couldn’t get to. That little piece of paper you were too lazy to pick up and throw in the trash? Problem solved. Dandy will eat it!

Feeding time is a juggling act. Dandy is still in survival mode and thinks he must rush to the food and water dish, or he won’t get any. Puppy food is not appealing to our older dog Chanse’s discerning palate, but Dandy not only loves his food but also gobbles the crumbs Chanse leaves on his plate. We must feed them separately to avoid tummy problems and anxiety attacks.

What goes in must come out, and Dandy is a good little eliminator. He goes when he wakes up, after eating, after drinking, after playing, after a nap, and sometimes after he comes in from going outside. He gets lots of praise when he eliminates outside, and a loud “NO!” and hand clap that startled him midstream the few times he’s forgotten the proper location for that sort of thing. He’s very young, and we are confident he will get it. He’s a Border Collie/Poodle mix, both known for their intelligence, so it’s only a matter of time when we can trust Dandy to do his duty calling appropriately.

Dandy shines as a night sleeper. I play a YouTube audio of calming music developed specifically to comfort puppies in their new home. The first night, Dandy cried for under ten minutes and slept the rest of the night until 7 AM. The second night he whimpered a little when I put him in his crate, and then I didn’t hear a peep from him until 7 AM again. In the morning, he bursts out of the crate like a horse out of the gate, jumping and twirling all the way to the back door. I’m so thankful he sleeps so I can sleep, too, or I don’t know how I’d keep up with him. The young will keep you young!


I’m feeling so blessed. Tired, but blessed.

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