Sometimes my husband gets bothered because he thinks men are portrayed as stupid by the media (especially commercials). I think the media also portrays women as sex objects who are only successful and desirable when made to look like ‘ Barbie’.  I feel like rolling my eyes when I see a tv show in which an hospital administrator or PI is dressed in a pencil skirt, a super low cut blouse, and 4 inch heels.  Yeah, right.  Not practical or realistic, but we are told that is what the public wants to see.

The fact is, some men act stupid, just as some women do, and some women make themselves up to look like Barbies, just as some men do.  Uh…well, maybe not.  But men do have their own ways of feeding on the media frenzy.  Look at all the techno gadgets that they just have to have, the drugs for virility and hair regrowth, and exercise equipment to revisit that studly bod of youth.  What is wrong with just being ….us?

We all get old and there is no denying that.  I pray I can grow old with some dignity, knowing I have done my best to be my best.  No more, no less.  No feeling inferior because I may not measure up to the impossible expectations of a world that values youth and physical beauty despite the inability to hang on to them.   We all suffer because of the misconceptions spewed out by the all mighty media and the people who buy into them.

Sometimes it’s easier to just laugh.

UPDATE: Some things change over the years and some things definitely do not.




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